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Willow Wig - Cocoa Swirl Rooted

Cocoa Swirl Rooted

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Are you looking for a curly wig in a warm medium chocolate brown with a swirl of blonde highlights? Look no further than our Willow full synthetic wig in Cocoa Swirl Rooted! Creamy dynamic blonde highlights make the curls on this style pop!



Willow in Cocoa Swirl Rooted is a warm dynamic medium chocolate brown with a swirl of blonde highlights





Alopecia and big head friendly cap designs | Medical wigs in salon-fresh colors | Premium products | Designed in the USA



· Premium silky-textured synthetic fibers (this wig is not heat-friendly)

· Small amounts of felt built into the cap for comfort (at the nape, ear tabs, front, and perimeter)

· Lots of elastic in the back for additional stretch

· Velcro adjusters for easy size adjustment at the perimeter

· Open cap design allows wig to breathe well



· Average-large size cap (will also accommodate average or large when adjusted)

· Fringe: 8"

· Crown: 12"

· Nape: 3.75"

· Overall: 12.5"

· Weight: 4 oz.



· Ships in vinyl bag / flat pack

· Please wear a liner when you try on any wig



This color is warm. It will work best for anyone with a gold undertone to their skin. It will also help anyone who wants to warm up their appearance via their hair.



Oval, Diamond, Round, Square, Heart, Inverted Triangle, Triangle, Pear



Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Sagittarius, Capricorn



Play by Jennifer Lopez



This color looks dynamite when paired with gold-green and other vibrant warm earth tones.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Kelly Stoffer
Wonderful Wavy Willow

I just love Willow in Cocoa Swirl-r. If you have some experience with curls, this is for you. Don't be daunted, Willow is not unmanageable. It's not crazy curly, but a bit of understanding with the fusilli vs. the elbow might be good here!
The very subtle highlights on the Cocoa Swirl-r are fantastic. This color is just beautiful and the hair fibers are so soft! Luscious! When you find this color on a wig you like, buy it! Gorgeous! This cap fits my 23" head comfortably, but there are Velcro adjusters if your head is smaller.
This darling is so easy to wear and very natural looking, even in the pink, should you dare! 💚🥰

Susan Sawyer
Willow is a winner!

I just love this wig! For me, Willow has the perfect amount of curl and distribution of hair. These photos are pretty much straight out of the box. I think Willow will be a wonderful shake and go wig, which is ideal for me and my lifestyle.

Cocoa swirl is the perfect brown for me and close to my bio hair color, back in my pre-grey days. The description says it has warm tones to it, but I find it works with my cooler toned skin. I would absolutely buy another wig in this color and would also buy another Willow in a different shade. I couldn’t be more pleased!

If you are debating getting one of these, do it!

Stacey Brewer Warner
Just like my bio hair

Willow in Cocoa Swirl reminds me so much of my old, naturally curly hair. The color is an easy to wear brunette with striking but still natural highlights. The curls in Willow make it easy to clip up into an updo, pull away from the face, and even flip the part (even without a monofilament parting, I found this part really easy to play with for different looks). I trimmed more of a side swept bang and thinned out the front and bangs with thinning shears. Just like Ambrose, she had more hair around the face than I’m comfortable with. Even with the thinning, she is still full and lustrous. If you do thin it, I would suggest being strategic on where, so you don’t lose any of the magnificent highlights.

Kathleen Ryan
I Love the Curls Color Length Density & Comfort of Willow!

I am in love with Willow. This is the first time trying Cocoa Swirl-R and now I know why this color is so popular. An overall medium/light natural (warm but not overly red tones 😉) brown with pretty balanced blonde highlights. I have Chocolate Icing-R in the heat friendly CysterWigs Limited Collection and as a comparison I would say that color is darker…a medium/dark overall natural brunette ( but leaning cool) with cooler blonde highlights. I consider Cocoa Swirl-R a brown and Chocolate Icing -R a brunette if that makes sense to you. The volume on Willow is just right imo ( I also bought her in Beach House -R and that one has more volume..more permatease but still believable and I the permatease still doesn’t show ) If you wanted to keep her looking closer to your head all you have to do is comb your fingers through her curls to break them up a bit and plop her on your head. I tend to see how much volume I can Heather and Nigel were 100% correct about her she just falls into place with minimal styling. For a curly wig that is pretty unheard of. If you leave her pretty much as is she reminds me of a retro 40’s hairstyle. If you wake up/tickle the permatease she becomes a sassy curly pretty but still everyday style. The length is just right..not so long ( especially in the back) that she’ll rub against things and wear out) the fibers are so soft and even with all these curls she isn’t tangling on me. Btw so gorgeous in a simple claw clip updo. That’s how I am wearing her as I write this review. Comfort is truly off the charts. I just don’t feel her on my head. No itching from wefts or permatease. The felt all around the perimeter prevents itching and pressure points that can causes issues as well. I wore her on Christmas Day from 7:00 in the morning to 2:00 at night ( we’ll technically the next morning lol) and she was a dream to wear. I took the Velcro adjusters in a little and she fits me fine. I will say my other Willow fits bigger..that one I will probably alter her cap ) but she is still comfy and I can still wear her. ( for reference I have a petite/average circumference but my other measurements are petite or less) I highly recommend Willow and hope to see more coppers reds..specifically Tahitian Sunset-R ☺️

Thanks for the feedback about the style and the colors.
Please enjoy them!